5 Fall Fashion Trends for 2022

These days, fashion is no longer about what simply looks good. As concerns over our health and the environment soar, more of you are factoring sustainability into your clothing budget. You're taking the time to discover what goes into making different garments and what to do with the piece of clothing after it can't be worn anymore. In the garment industry, sustainable designers like us ensure that the entire production line — from sourcing materials to packaging and shipping — has a better environmental impact overall. That's why you're here! Look no further for your fall 2022 women's fashion trends.

Summer to fall fashion transition

Even though summer is in full effect for some, we can't help to look ahead to fall fashion trends. Right now is a great time to start thinking about transitioning your closet from summer to fall. If you're thinking to update your fall wardrobe with newness, there are so many chic ways to pull together your fall style and have fun doing it. There's so much excitement around women's fall fashion for 2022.

Go shopping in your closet

First, shop your closet. Pull out your jackets and take a look at the silhouettes you already have. Have a blazer? Bomber jacket? Maybe you have a leather jacket? You're in luck! These are on trend. Also anything with broad shoulders are big this fall season. Think puff sleeves with a maxi or a mini skirt. As we're transitioning from summer to fall outfits, don't forget to have a white tank, v-neck or other tank top for layering on hand. Throw a denim jacket over your silk tank top or silk slip dress and you've got a great transition look. Just remember that straight-leg jeans are in, and skinny jeans are out. 

Ok, now that you have what's in your closet top of mind, the fun begins. It's time to shop for other styles that are on trend to get you ready for the fall fashion season. Let's get your personal style stamp on fall.

Are scarves still in style? 

    In a word, yes! Scarves in bright colors and many textures are really hot right now. Let's go through some scarf trends. Wearing a scarf as a silk neckerchief. They add a touch of elegance and beautifully complement outfits when worn around the neck, waist, or head. Also, they're a super soft warming layer that doesn't add any bulk. Let's face it, not all of us have swan-like necks. Wrapping a silk layer around your neck in cold weather's not only warm but also festive and comfortable. It's a must-have scarf for 2022. 

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    Silk Scarf with Natural Dyes

    Knitted Scarves, Oversized Scarves, Silk Scarves

    Scarf fashion changes with the wind but naturally-dyed scarves never go out of style. Scarves of all fabrics are still in. Skinny scarves are great for a quick outfit upgrade.

    Large scarves, like our Berry Silk Scarf in Sakura, are especially fashionable for fall or winter 2022 when worn casually around your neck. The deep red tones and floral pattern are part of the color trends this fall season. At the same time, the renewable and biodegradable silk will trap warmth while adding a touch of elegance. Learn more ways to wear a scarf.

    Don't forget that an oversized scarf such as blanket scarf can be a great layer and light jacket replacement. Try a chunky scarf over a denim jacket in the early weeks of fall.

    Organic Cotton Scarf

    On the other hand, organic cotton scarves will provide the same amount of coziness, whilst keeping you warm with its natural dyes of beautiful fall colors. Wearing this around your neck is sure to accent any outfit and paint a picture of casual sophistication, and can be a great way to add some spark for fall. 

    Infinity Scarf

    You can even wear the organic cotton scarf as an infinity scarf. Just grab two opposing ends and tie a double knot. Put the knot at the base of your neck and loop the scarf around your head twice. Voila! This is a season to wear scarves in a fun new way.

    Pair Different Styles Such as Fancy with Casual

    Pairing fancy with casual styles always lets you look effortlessly chic. In fall 2022 haute couture fashion shows, this style made an appearance in different silhouettes from a full suit with ballet flats , a bomber jacket paired with a tank top and jeans, to a puff sleeve dress and leather boots.

    The best part about the fall 2022 fashion season is that are already made with sustainable fabrics. Check out our Eclipse Smock, a versatile tunic top made with lightweight linen. It also comes in organic cotton flannel and can be worn as a fall jacket when you pair it with pants. Check out our Ida pant in our grey hemp and organic cotton for a super comfy option.

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    Jackets: From a Blazer to Bomber Jacket

    Refinery29 defines this fashion to be a modern and minimal approach to outfits perfect for a back-to-the-office look. From cinched and leather blazers to plunging and cut-out shapes, these pieces are capable of incorporating any fabric and design to suit your sustainable needs. Don't forget the huge trend of leather jackets, leather pants, faux leather pants and bomber jackets. Also hot pink is a big trend this holiday season. Some call it "Dopamine Dressing". We're all seeking a pick-me-up these days aren't we?

    Custom Workwear Jacket

    This jacket started as a purple German Workwear jacket. I take it apart and overdye the pieces with indigo. I sew it back together adding patchwork shibori scraps and upcycled pieces of another jacket. Then I add sashiko stitching and a lining. 

    • Dimensions: 38" long x 28" wide, size med
    • Available custom sizing up to 2XL
    • Two front pockets
    • Organic cotton patchwork
    • Upcycled army jacket
    • Sashiko stitching on back

    In fact, our Custom Long Jacket in Indigo Blue is precisely a combination of patchwork shibori scraps and upcycled pieces of another jacket. Sashiko stitching and a lining complete the look, and what was once a purple German Workwear jacket is transformed to be the perfect top: professional, and seamlessly classy.

    Puff Sleeves and Wide leg pants

    Skinny jeans are being left in 2021. Now, fashionistas aim for the relaxed silhouette of wide-leg pants or wide-leg blue jeans. For the breezy winds of fall, flowy textiles are even better, especially with the soft touch of organic cotton.

    Combine this with trendy colors like caramel and our Ida Pant might just be the pant for you. Our versatile pants in shades of brown are dyed using a traditional shibori technique called Willow to add depth, and their floor-length hem is perfect for walks through autumn leaves and in perfect alignment with fall winter 2022 fashion color trends.

    Shoe Trends: Leather Boots

    An outfit is never complete without shoes, and like every other fall before 2022, look no further than over-the-knee and knee high boots. For comfort against the chill, you can’t go wrong with leather too. 

    Thanks to continuous research on sustainability, there are many variants of leather that don’t damage the environment. These alternatives are often derived from plant fibers such as mushrooms and pineapples meaning our footwear is as durable as it is fashionable and sustainable.

    Other Shoe Trends

    There are so many other shoe trends for fall, you'll have to wait for another day to read that post. But for now, think ballet flats, color, and boots, boots, boots!

    What fall fashion will you wear?

    With the trends above, you can transition into your fall wardrobe so easily. And for versatile ways to style your scarf, make sure to check out our article on styling tips on 4 ways to wear a silk scarf. How will you dress this fall season? What's your fashion trend you'll rock? What pieces do you have in your closet already? Drop a comment below. 






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