About Our Clothes

Every Marree product is designed with your sustainable life and style in mind. From color-mixing botanical dyes, to cutting the perfect curve around a pocket, each design decision Jenny makes is another step towards a beautiful, smart and durable product for you.

Look for our organic linen, organic cotton, and hemp in our signature shibori tie-dye tops, bottoms and tunics.

Hemp and cotton blends are featured in our smock tops and our beautiful grey slub flowy wide leg pants. Our hand-dyed mulberry silk kimono is the ultimate in style/comfort fusion. Accessories include linen scarves and leather bags.

About Our Process
I source the finest GOTS-certified organic fabrics cottons when crafting the collection. And that means you’ll be wrapping yourself in a garment that becomes softer and more comforting as it ages, while maintaining its elegant form and style.
Shibori tie-dye is a Japanese art form using resist-dye on textiles, dating back to the 8th century. It is a technique that draws upon the artist’s boundless patience, creativity and skill to create the beautiful patterns you find on our uniquely hand-dyed pieces.
And, just like our discerning clients, no two garments are exactly the same. We use authentic, natural dyes such as indigo, pomegranate, madder root, lac and walnut.
Read about the best GOTS-certified  organic cotton, and organic linen that we use in the whole collection.
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Here's how to care for your Marree clothing so it lasts a lifetime.

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