How Pre-Order Works

The Pre-Order Offer

Purchasing pre-order is exciting because you have the guarantee to get your garment in your size and color. You'll be first to receive the order, and the best bit… you will pay less and get free shipping!

Step 1 – The Launch

Our small batch collection is designed, samples are made and photographed. Follow our process on social media and our blog. Learn step-by-step what it takes to create beautiful clothing made to last. Popular sizes often sell out before we make the garment available for the season at a higher price. This is your chance to get a handmade piece first for the season for an early bird price.

Step 2 – Pre-Orders Close

You're first in to get exactly what you want at a discounted price and enjoy free shipping.

Step 3 – The Limited Edition Manufacturing

As soon as pre-orders close, we count up the orders and start making your garments. 

At the end of the pre-order period, we update the listings with sizes left for sale and the price goes up.

Step 4 –The Delivery

2 - 4 weeks later, garments are ready and all the orders are shipped from our headquarters in California. If you're in the first round of pre-orders, you get your garment first.

Step 5 – The Garment Is Yours

It’s your turn now! Unbox and cherish your piece. Wear it your own way! We’ll be watching out for your reviews and your pictures.

What About The Extra Orders?

The extra production will be sold later on at a fair and higher price. Because we've carefully gauged how many to make with pre-orders, we don't have many left over.

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Low Carbon Footprint

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