Vega Top Sustainability

1. Organic Fabrics

We use GOTS-certified organic cotton, organic linen, and OEKO-TEX Mulberry silk read more about our fabrics

2. Water Conservation

We use low amounts of water as our pieces are made one at a time. We reuse natural dye vats until they're fully exhausted

3. Low Carbon Footprint

Our supply chain is hyper local focused in the SF Bay Area, keeping our carbon emissions per garment as low as possible and our dollars invested in our local economy.

4. Ethically Made | Locally Sourced

Our designs are sketched by Jenny Fong in Berkeley, CA. Read more about our sustainability efforts. We work with local contractors who earn a living wage and work in spaces that are well-ventilated and brightly lit.

5. Slow Fashion

We are a Fibershed Supporter and a member of the Sustainable Fashion Alliance. We make each piece one at a time.

Organic Fabrics

Water Conservation

Low Carbon Footprint

Ethically Made