How to Shop Sustainably and Save Money: A Comprehensive Guide

As awareness about the negative impact of fast fashion on the environment grows, more and more people are seeking ways to shop sustainably. Sustainable fashion is about making purchases that have minimal impact on the environment, take care of the people who produce them and have a long life cycle.

Shopping sustainably doesn't have to be expensive, time-consuming, or exclusive to a certain group of people. In fact, by choosing to buy fewer but better pieces, you can actually save money in the long run. This blog post will provide you with tips and tricks for sustainable shopping and show you how to build a more sustainable wardrobe in a way that benefits both your wallet and the planet.

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Invest in Fewer, Quality Pieces

When you invest in high-quality, timeless pieces, you can wear them for years with confidence, knowing that they're not going out of fashion or falling apart. Buying cheap, trendy clothes may seem like a good idea at the time, but they will only last a few washes and will soon be out of style.

Plus, with fast fashion brands releasing new designs every few weeks, we're conditioned to think that we need to constantly update our wardrobe. Instead, invest in a piece that will last you for years and can be styled into multiple outfits.

On top of this, owning fewer pieces can be an exciting challenge. If you feel like you're stuck in a style rut, check out Modern Shibori's blog for some creative inspiration and ideas on how to revitalize your wardrobe. Whether it’s the Celeste dress, Ida Pant or anything else – with our help that piece can be worn so many different ways.

We have an awesome video from designer Jenny Fong that even novices will find easy-to-follow instructions, as she shows us multiple options of styling this one particular outfit - transforming it into something new every time.

These are especially great ideas to use for that vacation you've been planning. It's always rewarding when you can pack lightly and be well dressed for every occasion on your trip.

Small batch vat dyeing

Photo: Carina skirts being dyed in small batches.

How do you find ethical brands? When you shop online, check out the "about us" page to understand the environmental impact, supply chain, and if the brand makes sustainable products.

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Here at Modern Shibori, we have a sustainability pledge that we adhere to every day. We believe it's important for our sustainable future. We always use our vats until the dye is exhausted, saving on water and energy.

Find Pieces That Are Versatile

Make your wardrobe work for you with Modern Shibori – our pieces are designed to let you express yourself whatever your mood. With so many possibilities, restyling and set-mixing will become a breeze. For example, our Carina skirt can be worn with a tank and jacket, worn over a dress for a beautiful drape. Use a scarf to style up your neckline or keep your shoulders warm.

Read the Labels Carefully

When shopping for sustainable clothing, always check the label to see what the garment is made of. Choose pieces made from natural fibers like organic cotton, linen, silk, wool or Tencel, a sustainable fiber made from eucalyptus.

Avoid synthetic materials like polyester, nylon or acrylic, which use non-renewable fossil fuels to produce and take hundreds of years to decompose. Synthetic fabrics not only harm the planet but can also cause skin irritation and trap odor-causing bacteria.

Opt for Small Batch Clothing Manufacturing

Small batch clothing manufacturing refers to the practice of producing clothing in limited quantities to minimize waste and reduce the need for large-scale manufacturing. Most fast fashion brands and even luxury brands produce in huge quantities, leading to overproduction, waste, and discarded clothing.

Burberry was found to have incinerated unsold luxury bags and clothing so they couldn't be sold at a discount

One of the worst stories came out in 2018 when Burberry was found to have incinerated unsold luxury bags and clothing so they couldn't be sold at a discount, injuring the luxury status of its brand. There were probably so many toxic fumes from that incident.1 How crazy is that!?

Small batch of clothes

Photo: Small batch clothing manufacturing isn't wasteful. 

Because small batch manufacturing is more sustainable, supporting sustainable and ethical brands instead of mass-produced brands will make a massive difference in reducing waste and preserving resources.

Plus, supporting small businesses helps to promote economic growth and job creation. In fact, every piece you purchase from Modern Shibori invests in our small business brand and allows us to continue designing new clothes and create new natural dye colors.

Shop Second Hand

Shopping at thrift stores, consignment shops or online marketplaces like Depop or Poshmark is an excellent way to reduce waste while saving money on clothes. These platforms not only offer affordable clothing but also allow you to give a new life to pre-loved garments that are still in excellent condition. Shopping second-hand doesn't only reduce waste but also reduces the number of new garments that need to be produced, thereby decreasing the carbon footprint of the fashion industry.

Support Sustainable Brands

Lastly, support sustainable clothing brands that align with your values. Many manufacturers are consciously creating eco-friendly and ethical garments, so finding a company that’s within your budget should not be too difficult. These brands use non-toxic dyes, organic fibers, zero-waste production methods, and pay fair wages and benefits to their workers. Often these brands also offer repair or recycling services, which can save you money in garment maintenance. Shop sustainably and incorporate secondhand and new sustainable pieces to create your unique style.

Shop sustainably for a better future

Shopping sustainably is a future-forward way of living, but it doesn't have to be hard. By investing in quality pieces, reading labels carefully, supporting small batch manufacturing, shopping second-hand, and supporting sustainable clothing brands, you can reduce your ecological footprint and save money on the way.

Sustainability shouldn't just stop at recycling cardboard boxes and decreasing plastic bag usage. Let's make a conscious and informed purchasing decision that shows how much we care about ourselves and the world we live in.

Hopefully, this blog post will help you sharpen your sustainable shopping habits, reducing your carbon footprint and decreasing your environmental impact. Start small and evolve in your habits, as being eco-conscious does make a difference, and above all else, you can feel confident knowing your actions have a positive impact. Let us know how you've started on your conscious consumption journey in the comments below.


1. Burberry burns clothes

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