The Mod Spot VIP membership launch

First 20 founding VIPers received a silk scarf with their first order.

Hi everyone,

I am so excited about this! As part of my micro business pivot, I launched VIP memberships. I’ve been thinking about how to bring more sustainability and the idea of “fewer better" into my customers' lives. Below are a few perks that members enjoy. I'll always add more as I think of them or if a member comes up with a great idea.

Mod Spot VIP Perks:

  • 15% off all day every day even during sales and including custom projects 

  • First dibs before general email list for all pre-orders, product launches, making and shipping your orders

  • 24-hour early access for all sale events, additional 15% off all sale prices

  • Free USPS Priority Shipping in US

  • Exclusive pieces made available for VIPs only

  • Personal styling session: Extend your closet, update your look, mix and match with Modern Shibori pieces. Live videos such as "How to mend a hole in fabric" will be saved for your viewing at any time if wanted. $TBD

  • Special VIP only contests and polls

  • VIP "Be a fit model" opportunities

Membership are $50 and it's evergreen. It often pays for itself on your first purchase. What's great about this is, it’ll be a way for us connect over video and make more projects come to life. 

Buy VIP Membership


p.s. Have an idea for a member perk? Drop it in the comments below.

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  • Hi Pamela, Memberships will be available hopefully in the first couple weeks of August. Watch your in box for details!

    Jenny on
  • When can we sign up?

    PAmela bErnstein on

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