Pivoting in a Time of Crisis

Caption: Timelapse of me working on a custom upcycled jacket, June 2020.

Can’t stop, won’t stop creating.

Welp, here we are at the halfway mark of 2020. This new normal means it’s time to pivot my creative endeavors. No one can go to shows, so digital it is. 

I’ve been thinking about how to bring more sustainability and the idea of “fewer better" into your life. So without further ado, here is my pivot: I’m launching a membership on my site where you can have more access to me! Below are a few ideas that I’m loving. I’m open to your suggestions as well.

The Mod Spot Membership

  • Custom upcycling projects ranging from  upcycled clothing to slipcovers to curtains
  • 20% off site wide even during sales and including custom projects
  • First dibs before email list on all product launches
  • “Front of the line” making + shipping your pieces
  • Free USPS priority shipping in US
  • and so many more fun things!

 I’m super excited about these new offerings. It’ll be a way for us connect over video and make more personal projects come to life. 

Customized white jacket now blue with shibori and indigo

Custom shibori project, June 2020.

For example, take a look at a custom piece I just completed last month for a customer. This is her 3rd project with me. She loves the deepest blue I can get with indigo dyes. You can see my work in progress in the video at the beginning of this post.

custom slipcover indigo

Custom slipcover project, March 2017

This is a slipcover I upcycled and dyed for a woman in SF. She had a nursing chair that her mother gave her and wanted to update the slipcover with shibori. The result was beautiful and she was able to give her hand-me-down new life instead of putting it into landfill. This is upcycling at it’s best. I bet you have something in your house we could work on together.

These are the types of projects I’ll offer on my website. Members would get 20% off any custom project.

The membership program will launch next month but is yet unnamed. This is where you come in. I need your help finding a catchy, fun name for this program. I’ve tossed around ideas like “Mod Membership” or “MS Membership” but those aren’t great. Whomever comes up with the winning name gets a free 1-year membership ($50 value)! Winner will be notified by email. Enter as many names as you want. 

If your imagination is sparked and you have other ideas you’d like to see in a membership, drop your names and ideas in the comments below. 



 p.s. If you're not already, sign up on my email list to get first crack at the memberships next month.

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