Top 5 Best Fashion Trends for 2023

So you want to update your look for the new season, but you're not sure how to connect your closet with current fashion trends? Then you've come to the right place.

Now's a great time to start getting familiar with the Spring 2023 and Fall 2023 fashion trends that are going to be hot during the season ahead. New York fashion week, Paris, Milan and London fashion weeks have ended and the style trends have been set. From jumpsuits and neck scarves to bold prints and pastels, this is your guide to understanding what's a good trend for you this season.

Style is about discovering what looks good on you and dressing to make yourself feel comfortable and confident. And part of developing your own style is being aware of what’s “in” right now and incorporating pieces of it into your own look.

But First, A Word On Being Effortlessly Cool

If you're reading this blog post, you know that fashion and style don’t always go hand in hand. Fashion is ever-changing and ever-inspiring, dictated by the trends of the moment. Style on the other hand, is all about who you are and how you express yourself through clothing. It’s important to find a balance between fashion and your own personal style - pick pieces that speak to you and fit your lifestyle. That way, your style speaks louder and is uniquely you.

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When it comes to sustainable fashion, the idea is all about making smart choices when buying clothes. Buying quality pieces instead of cheap fast-fashion items helps you develop a timeless wardrobe that will last. Buying upcycled, vintage or second-hand clothing is another great way to stay fashionable without contributing to the fashion industry’s wasteful practices. You can always do a deep dive into your closet and grab your vintage faves to pair with a new leather skirt or cargo pant.

2023 Fashion Trends: All the rage

The runways of Paris, Milan, and London have spoken, and designers are predicting some major fashion trends for 2023. In this blog post, we will take a look at the hottest trends of the year and explain what they mean for your wardrobe. So sit back and relax – I'm about to take you on a journey through the world of 2023 fashion! Consider me your fashion stylist.

Fashion Month

Here are some of our favorite looks for 2023 including jumpsuits, neck scarves, matching set in bold prints and colors such as lilacs, greens and pastels as well as bold accessories that will help finish off your look perfectly. Also, leather figures in a major way, although I personally don't wear a lot of leather. Everything from leather pants, leather skirts and leather jackets were big on the runways. So get ready - it's time to start shopping for 2023's hottest trends.

Matching Sets For The Win

Matching sets were everywhere from Bruno Cucinelle, to Ralph Lauren to Issey Miyake. We saw tops and wide leg pant sets and tops with long skirt sets. Layered sheer fabrics came into play here too.

Matching skirt sets were everywhere

Photo credits: from left : Emporio Armani, Bruno Cucinelli, Issey Miyake

Skirts are back in a major way

We also saw skirts everywhere. From a crop top with oversized blazers and a mini skirt to long skirts with cargo pockets, skirts were a major trend. From classic designers such as Michael Kors and Victoria Beckham, to excellent designers such as Dries Van Noten and Rick Owens, the skirt is coming back in a major way.

 skirt from nytimes


Photo credit: street shot

Quiet Luxury

One of the prettiest skirts seen was a simple A-line with kitten heels. Designers were talking about quiet luxury for the new season. This is a great example of that. We think this idea of that. Designers such as Saint Laurent, Carolina Herrera and Elie Saab showed tailored trousers paired with ballet flats. Although low rise pants are trending, I still love a wide leg side tie pant like the Ida. It's such a classic look that can be paired with a cool top and a leather jacket.

Denim from Diesel

Denim Trends

Denim staged a major comeback at Diesel. Designer Glenn Martens shocked everyone with his beautiful upcycled denim. This is denim and fabric technique at its most masterful. Combining transparency with scraps of denim to create these gorgeous evening dresses, jackets and pants, Diesel came out on top.

Scarves from the runway


Photo credits: from upper left clockwise: Giorgio Armani, Yuhan Wang, Ralph Lauren

Scarves Are Trending

Neck scarves are making a major comeback in 2023. Whether it’s a long silk scarf or a knitted wool one – these accessories can add a stylish touch to any outfit. Check out these stylish looks by Giorgio Armani, and Ralph Lauren. Most designers from Louis Vuitton, to Tory Burch, to Victoria Beckham saw scarves as one of the major fashion trends.

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Plus, they can be used as a practical way to keep warm during those cooler days. Just make sure you choose one that complements your outfit – like a bright red scarf against an all-black ensemble – for maximum impact!

Jumpsuits Are In

One of the hottest trends for 2023 is jumpsuits! Not only do they look great on any body type, but they’re also incredibly versatile. You can dress them up or down depending on where you’re going and who you’re going with. They come in a variety of styles too – from wide-leg to cropped – so there truly is something for everyone.

Colors For 2023

The colors dominating the fashion scene right now are purples as seen at Ulla Johnson lilacs and greens. These hues give off an airy vibe that looks ethereal when paired together. And if you’re feeling more daring, try mixing different shades of green together – like emerald green and lime green – for an unexpected pop of color! Stay tuned as summer approaches, I'll be blogging about what the 2023 summer trends are so you can incorporate those into your warm weather wardrobe.

And of course, Shoes

For a chic and stylish look, opt for ballet flats with a long skirt, t shirt and oversized blazer. But if you're on the hunt for something more ruggedly cool - chunky boots are all-time classics to rock up your cargo pants or utilitarian looks! Also, because of Tiktok, people are asking are birkenstocks in style 2023? The answer is yes! They're still huge.

At the end of the day, no matter what trends you choose to follow, make sure that they fit your individual style. After all, fashion is about expressing yourself in unique ways. So don't be afraid to show off your personality through your clothes!

Fashion vs. Style: What’s the Difference?

To put it simply, fashion is a beautiful art form that informs high level fashion trends that come and go. Style is timeless, personal and more individualized. I hope this post helped you see it’s easy and fun to be inspired by fashion, taking the bits and pieces into your closet to emphasize your personal style.

Style is about discovering what looks good on you and dressing to make yourself feel comfortable and confident. And part of developing your own style is being aware of what’s “in” right now and incorporating pieces of it into your own look.

The fashion industry is a great way to stay up-to-date on the latest trends, but it can also be overwhelming. It’s important to remember that fashion isn’t everything; you don’t have to buy into every trend in order to have great style. Instead, think of fashion as inspiration that can be used to create your own look.

Remember, style isn't about following trends—it's about finding pieces that work for you and make you feel good. In other words, don't be a slave to fashion; find your own unique style and make it sustainable. 

So after reading this post, what new piece are you excited about incorporating into your closet? 


Diesel designer Glenn Martens

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